Dragnet Systems launches Hertz4Ryanair.com a brand new micro site for Hertz Europe and Ryanair

Dragnet Systems launches Hertz4Ryanair.com a brand new partner site for Hertz Europe and Ryanair

It's been a long time coming but today is the day that Dragnet Systems finally launches its newest micro site for Hertz Europe: Hertz4Ryanair.com. As you can tell from the screenshot above this new site was designed very much with Ryanair and Hertz in mind. The style and approach to the design also follows on from our Hertz Aerlingus project we released 6 months ago - HertzFlyDrive.com. There is a nice clean interface for selecting your cars and accessories that we think really add to the overall user experience. It is also a much faster booking process for booking your car compared to the micro site that this replaces.

The site contains a brand new offer system that allows Hertz to easily manage the offers to be displayed on the site. This offer system enables different layouts to be selected for offers, built in preview functionality and also scheduling.

The new site also display more information on the car you are looking to rent including CO2 emissions, the number of suitcases that will fit in the car and any extras that come with the car like heated seats, passenger airbags, etc.

It will be exciting to see how the public take to the new site over the next few weeks. We're hoping that this site will be a big success for both Hertz and Ryanair going forward.

You can view the new site over at Hertz4Ryanair.com. Let me know what you think.

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