How to nest an unordered list using Markdown in Azure DevOps

How to nest unordered lists using Markdown in Azure DevOps

If you're using Microsoft's Azure DevOps chances are that at some point you will need to create a wiki page or some other content that will require some lists or bullet points.

Microsoft has a great page on the basics of Markdown to help you get started:

One thing that I was looking for that was missing was a note about nested lists.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to output indented nested lists. Simply use 2 spaces followed by a '*' to indent your content. Continue to add double spaces to indent further under your list items if required.

The example below shows how to display a list that is 5 levels deep.

* Level 1 item
  * Level 2 item
  * Level 2 item
    * Level 3 item
      * Level 4 item
        * Level 5 item
  * Level 2 item
    * Level 3 item
* Level 1 item

This should give you nested lists that look a little something like this:

nested list in DevOps Wiki using Markdown

Just make sure you include a space between the * and your text and hopefully you should see something similar.

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