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  • How to 'Find All' in Visual Studio

    Before I moved over to Visual Studio I used to code in Dreamweaver. One feature within Dreamweaver that I always found handy was the Find All option for finding all occurrences of the search criteria I had entered.

    I always thought that this was a feature missing in Visual Studio as there was no option on the 'Quick Find' (ctrl + F) to find all. The only option on the quick find is to 'find and replace all' which usually isn't what I want to do.

    The good news is that Visual Studio has a Find All built into it. To find the option (excuse the pun!) all you need to do is hold Ctrl and Shift and press F or click on Edit -> Find and Replace -> Find In Files. This will open up a dialog box that will let you enter your search criteria. Simply hit the Find All button and you will see a list of results returned to you that match your criteria. You can then double click on any of the search results to go directly to that line of code.

    It's a small thing but it's handy to know where to go to use that option. Hopefully it will help someone else out.

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