• How to compress SVG in IIS

    how to compress svg mimetypes in IIS

    Most people know about turning on compression in IIS. In recent versions of IIS it's been a simple case of ticking a checkbox to turn it on. I noticed the other day that svg files on one of my sites were not being compressed by default.

    If you use Bootstrap or one of the other well known frameworks, or you're designing your site for mobile, chances are that you'll be using svg file format for your some of your fonts. By default IIS does not compress this file mimetype. Doing so could help save on bandwidth and help speed up your site for your end users.

  • IIS 7 returning 404 error with extension less URL

    iis7 404 error with extensionless url asp.net 4.0

    I was recently working on updated an older asp.net 3.5 website to asp.net 4.0.  Unfortunately we can't upgrade to 4.5 due to the risk of breaking other sites on the same server. Our reason for the upgrade was really to take advantage of the routing ability that was built into asp.net 4.0 for webforms.

    If you're looking for help on setting up .net routing you can take a look at a simple 'how to' for setting up routing with WebForms here that I wrote a few years back.

    The issue I was having was that IIS was returning a 404 page not found error when I tried to go to a url without the .aspx. I had setup my global.asax file with the correct routing information but it was like IIS was ignoring these rules.

    C#, IIS7
  • How to install PHPMyAdmin on Windows Server 2008

    At present if you install Wordpress as part of the Web Platform Installer it does not install PHPMyAdmin for you. Luckily this install is very easy to do.

    Head over to http://www.phpmyadmin.net and download the latest installer to your server.

    Once downloaded unzip the contents of the file and rename the folder to 'phpmyadmin'.

    Copy this folder to your website containing Wordpress or php.

    Open the file config.sample.inc.php into wordpad (notepad puts it all on one line) and enter in a new Blowfish_secret. It can be anything random like a password.

  • IIS7 ASP Routing not working on live server

    We had an issue at work the other day where one of the developers was having an issue with asp routing in IIS7. It was the first time this particular server was asked to run a .net 4 website so naturally some fine tuning was required. When we tried to navigate to the webpage the following error appeared: 403: Access Permission Denied

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