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  • How to fix the jQuery live event not firing for submit buttons in IE

    I was recently working on our new website for Dragnet Systems when I stumbled onto an issue with submit buttons not working as expected in Internet Explorer when I was using the .live event for jQuery. Everything works as intended in Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome but Internet Explorer was completely ignoring the form submit clicks.

    After doing some reading over on the jQuery forums it turns out that this is an issue quite a few people have run into. The solution I went with was to use a third party plugin called LiveQuery. This plugin ensures that after the DOM has loaded my elements are correctly registered to my events and will work as expected.

    Using the script couldn't be easier, simply download the file from the LiveQuery plugin page and in your code use .livequery instead of .live.

    There's a good chance that this will be fixed in later releases of jQuery but for now (1.4.2) this is a nice workaround.

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