How to print from Visual Studio Code

How to print from Visual Studio Code

I'll admit that personally I've never had a need in all my professional life to print code from Visual Studio but I know a few devs and project managers that do. I suppose it can be handy when you want to view something offline or hand out code samples for a meeting.

A dev buddy was in touch recently and asked me how she could print from Visual Studio Code. Having never even looked for this option before I just assumed it existed where all Print options live in 'File -> Print...' or Ctrl+P but quickly realized that neither of these options exist in VS Code.

How to visualize an image map so you can debug it

How to vizualize an image map

Image maps are a handy way to add clickable zones to your images. When creating an image map from scratch most people would fire up their image editor of choice and work out the click zones using the editor.

This can be ok when creating an image map from scratch but if you have to troubleshoot an image map issue or if you need to 'see' the clickable zones that really isn’t a workable solution.

How to make gifs using LICEcap

How to make simple gifs using LiceCap


There are tons of programs out there that can help you make gifs but over the years the one I keep returning to due to its ease of use is LICEcap.

For example, I use it to help me make gif's for this blog, for doing quick screen captures or to highlight bugs found when testing.

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