Web Developer Monthly - January 2019

Web Developer Monthly January 2019

Jan 2019




Happy New Year and welcome to another Web Developer Monthly. To kick things off for 2019 this month's edition contains the definitive website performance checklist, links to download Visual Studio 2019, a tool to auto remove backgrounds from your images and more.

If you've spotted anything you'd like me to share for the next Web Developer Monthly let me know in the comments below or reach out to me on Twitter. Enjoy!

How to quickly mark a message as important using MS Teams

How to quickly mark a message as important using MS Teams

MS Teams has quickly grown in usage within organizations over the last 12-18months. It's easy to see why - it's simple to use and ties into an organization's existing security policies very easily.

The only snag some people have with it is that when a lot of chatter is happening on a group channel important messages could be getting lost.

There are usually 2 ways to work around this.

2018 - My year in review

2018 - my year in review

This year I decided to try and get back to blogging a bit more in an effort to help track my own progress for things that I've learned throughout the year and also as a way to help others out.

To help me focus on writing on a regular basis I picked 2 areas that I enjoy as a Web Developer. One area, was a monthly summary of the most interesting tech news I've read the last 30 days and the other area was a weekly 'tweet sized' dev tip.

The simplest way to take a screenshot in Windows 10

the simplest way to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Most of the time when you want to take a screenshot you probably use the Snipping Tool built into Windows or another third party program like Greenshot but did you know that if you're using Windows 10 (creators edition or greater) you can take a screenshot by simply pressing Windows key + Shift + S?

No more launching the snipping tool to quckly screenshot. Just press WinKey+Shift+S and the screen will grey out allowing you to drag the mouse around the area you want to capture.

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