Mouse cursor disappearing over text fields when using Remote Desktop Connection

Mouse pointer hidden over text fields

I recently had an issue where my mouse cursor was disappearing over text fields when I would you a remote connection. When hovering over browser address bars, the body of an email or text editors if would just vanish.

This was initially annoying but after a few minutes of trying to work like this I knew I'd need to seek out a solution.

Luckily it's a very quick fix. I'm still not sure why this happened but to resolve it simply follow these steps:

  • Click on Start and go to the Control Panel
  • Select Mouse and this should open a new dialog box for you.
  • Select the Pointers tab and under the Scheme dropdown, choose 'Windows Black (system scheme)'

The cursor might not look the best compared with what you had previously but I'd take a nasty looking cursor over an invisible one any day!

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