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[Feb 24 Update] Looks like we're back in business. Needed to re-install BlogEngine before I could get it to work and then I had to remove the old theme my site had as it was not compatible, which is a shame. Looks like the theme situation for BlogEngine hasn't improved much since my post 6 months ago on where to get good blog engine themes.

Just a quick mention to let you know that the comments system is down on my site at the moment. I'm not sure what happened but I think it has something to do with my failed attempt at upgrading to blog engine 1.6 last weekend. I will take a look into upgrading to BlogEngine 1.6 again over the next few days if I have time. I will also upgrade my server to IIS 7 with my provider...which should be fun if any past upgrades are anything to go by :D

At the moment I am currently very busy finishing up a big new project for Hertz. It should be going live in around 2 weeks. Once it's up I should have more time to blog about all the new jquery techniques I've learned during developement.

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