• How to get your LG Magic Remote to work with the Sonos ARC

    How to get your LG Magic Remote to work with the Sonos ARC

    There is currently a lot of confusion around getting the Sonos ARC setup with LG tv's. Most of this discussion is around the eArc connector support and whether your specific model of LG TV will output Dolby Atmos.

    For the purposes of this post I just want to focus on one thing - the LG Magic Remote. 

    The TL;DR here is that you need to re-run through the soundbar setup on your TV - it's nothing to do with the Sonos app.

  • 2018 - My year in review

    2018 - my year in review

    This year I decided to try and get back to blogging a bit more in an effort to help track my own progress for things that I've learned throughout the year and also as a way to help others out.

    To help me focus on writing on a regular basis I picked 2 areas that I enjoy as a Web Developer. One area, was a monthly summary of the most interesting tech news I've read the last 30 days and the other area was a weekly 'tweet sized' dev tip.

  • How to visualize an image map so you can debug it

    How to vizualize an image map

    Image maps are a handy way to add clickable zones to your images. When creating an image map from scratch most people would fire up their image editor of choice and work out the click zones using the editor.

    This can be ok when creating an image map from scratch but if you have to troubleshoot an image map issue or if you need to 'see' the clickable zones that really isn’t a workable solution.

  • Adding a privacy policy and cookie content option to your Orchard CMS

    adding a privacy policy and cookie consent popup to your orchard cms

    I've had a little downtown this week so I thought it would be a good idea to get around to adding a privacy policy and a cookie consent option to my blog.

    This blog uses the Orchard CMS so I was looking for a module that would handle the cookie consent popup rather than have the hassle of rolling my own. Luckily I stumbled across a great cookie consent popup that works perfectly with the latest version of Orchard (currently v10.2 at the time of posting this).


  • Mouse cursor disappearing over text fields when using Remote Desktop Connection

    Mouse pointer hidden over text fields

    I recently had an issue where my mouse cursor was disappearing over text fields when I would you a remote connection. When hovering over browser address bars, the body of an email or text editors if would just vanish.

    This was initially annoying but after a few minutes of trying to work like this I knew I'd need to seek out a solution.

    Luckily it's a very quick fix. I'm still not sure why this happened but to resolve it simply follow these steps:

    • Click on Start and go to the Control Panel
    • Select Mouse and this should open a new dialog box for you.
    • Select the Pointers tab and under the Scheme dropdown, choose 'Windows Black (system scheme)'

    The cursor might not look the best compared with what you had previously but I'd take a nasty looking cursor over an invisible one any day!

  • Outlook 2013 mark email as read

    Outlook 2013 mark email as read when viewing in reading pane

    I really like using Outlook 2013 but there was one niggly little issue that was annoying me.

    Everytime I viewed an email and it displayed in the Viewing Pane the email was still marked as unread. To mark it as read I had to either right click on it to mark it as read or click onto another email.

    I didn't like either of these solutions so I went looking for an option to mark an email as read as soon as I viewed it in the reading pane.

  • is now powered by Orchard now powered by Orchard CMS

    I've been writing this blog since 2008. Previously I was using to power my blog but lately I've been on the lookout for something a bit different.

    I love Wordpress and the ease of use that brings, especially when upgrading or installing modules. At the time of writing there is no 'one click' install option for BlogEngine and updating my blog was becoming a chore with each release.

  • Using a Macbook Air laptop as an ASP.NET development machine

    Current Development Setup

    I was using an old Macbook Air (2010) as my ASP.NET web development machine since it was released in October 2010. Since the release of Visual Studio 2012 though it was feeling it's age and things were starting to slow down. Using Visual Studio along with ReSharper was a pretty bad experience on the machine. Opening projects and pages took around 10-30 secs.

    I had a look around at actual Windows laptops to see what was on the market but nothing was really taking my fancy. The Macbook Air with it's SSD had spoilt me and the majority of PC laptops only had 256gb drive paired with 4gb RAM which was too low for my requirements.

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