Dragnet Online Store Software gets a new update to make admin life even easier

Dragnet online store software gets a new update

We've had some updates in the past for our online store software but not like this! Following on from my recent post about how to make a great online store we have decided to focus this new release on improving the options available to the store admins to help make their lives easier. After all, the easier we make our tools to use the more offers they will give people like you and me!

Along with speed improvements, more options for ordering the appearance of items and updates to our text editor we have added a new tool that allows the site admins to update pricing for all products on the site in just one click! This means that if they want to offer customers a sale on certain items they can update the pricing in less time than it's taken you to read this line of text. We're very excited about this new tool as it makes offering discounts less of a chore for store owners.

We have also made some new tweaks to the styling of the admin tool to make it more IE 8 friendly. The new changes makes our store admin tools 100% compatible and tested with IE 6/7/8, FF2/3/3.5, Chrome 2, Safari 3/4 and Opera 10. It might interest you to know that over 75% of our clients run IE7 for their day to day web browsing. This number is falling all the time and Firefox would appear to be the rising favourite amongst our clients.

Perhaps the biggest news is that not only will all new stores come with these new features and enhancements but we have rolled out these changes to all our existing stores too! Now all of our store users can benefit from these new updates and refinements. We're sure the new updates will go down a treat :D

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