handmade and designer pearl jewellery site launches website launches. Lovingly handmade jewellery for sale worldwide.

Well it's been a long time coming but has finally launched! For the past two years my über talented girlfriend, Rebecca FitzGerald Smith, has been busy sourcing and making handmade pearl jewellery. Last Christmas she was selling to friends and families but this year she wanted to go all out and setup an online store.

Rebecca works with me in Dragnet Systems and even though we make online stores for a living it was interesting to see how much work and effort goes into making a store when it's for yourself. To say that you can be your own worst critic would be an understatement! Rebecca has poured her heart and soul into this project and I think the end results are outstanding.

Everything from the website design to the store technology was handled by Rebecca. Attention to detail was given to everything on the site, from the logo down to the little basket icons. I know I'm going to be biased when I say that it is a fantastic website but I'm really proud of all her hard work and just wanted to wish her all the best with this new venture.

With Christmas just around the corner perhaps you could find the perfect gift over on the store for someone you know. Even though shipping on the site is for UK and Ireland initially, will ship worldwide upon request.

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