• Allow Chrome to view blocked page due to cert error

    Allow Chrome to view previously blocked page due to a cert error

    If you're using Chrome to develop locally over https but your site cert is invalid you might have come across an issue where Chrome will block access to your website.

    UIsually you can click on the 'Process to site' link that Chrome gives you but if you don't see that link you might have to delete any previously saved security policy information you had saved.

  • relaunched for the new year

    Richard Reddy personal website relaunched for 2016

    I finally got some time together to do a bit of an online spring clean and updated my personal website to give it a more modern look.

    This new site is mobile friendly and built using Bootstrap and .Net and hosted on Azure. Rather than using loads of sample projects I tried to focus more on the technical expertise I've built up over the years. 

    My next mini project will be a website for Code Pixel Studios which I've been meaning to get around to for close to 2 years now.

  • How to convert a .htaccess file for use in your Web.Config file on Windows Server

    How to convert a htaccess file for use on Windows Server

    If you're running a Windows Server and you have to run PHP websites on it chances are that you will be asked to apply rules from a .htaccess file to one of the websites on your server. Windows Server does not use .htaccess files. These usually come from Apache servers. However, Windows Servers use a similar file called the Web.Config file located at the root of all your websites hosted on your Windows Server.

    You'll be glad to know that there is a converter built into IIS 7 that will convert any .htaccess rules into the format required for the Web.Config file. To convert your .htaccess file simply follow these instructions:

  • The dreaded Server Application Unavailable IIS error

    The dreaded Server Application Unavailable IIS error

    Server Application Unavailable

    Is there any error more annoying in .net web development? I hate this error because it's so unhelpful. I actually got this error today and it took me a while to track down what the issue was thanks to that rubbish error message being returned to me.

    One of the guys inside in work setup the project for me for a new website but never changed the .net settings from the default 2 runtime to the 4 runtime. "No problem" I thought and I quickly updated the runtime from .net 2 to .net 4 using my handy command.

  • is now live and ready to inspire you

    I've been really busy over the last few months planning some really cool new projects that I'd like to launch during the year. As a side effect my own blog hasn't been updated as much as I'd have liked. Fear not though as I have some new posts that I'm currently working on that should be online shortly (fingers crossed!).

    One new side project I have just launched is, a website dedicated to bringing you the best web resources and inspiration for web designers from around the interwebs. Rebecca FitzGerald-Smith is co-owner with me on this site.

    Go check it out and if you have any design ideas or showcases be sure to let us know!

  • handmade and designer pearl jewellery site launches website launches. Lovingly handmade jewellery for sale worldwide.

    Well it's been a long time coming but has finally launched! For the past two years my über talented girlfriend, Rebecca FitzGerald Smith, has been busy sourcing and making handmade pearl jewellery. Last Christmas she was selling to friends and families but this year she wanted to go all out and setup an online store.

    Rebecca works with me in Dragnet Systems and even though we make online stores for a living it was interesting to see how much work and effort goes into making a store when it's for yourself. To say that you can be your own worst critic would be an understatement! Rebecca has poured her heart and soul into this project and I think the end results are outstanding.

    Everything from the website design to the store technology was handled by Rebecca. Attention to detail was given to everything on the site, from the logo down to the little basket icons. I know I'm going to be biased when I say that it is a fantastic website but I'm really proud of all her hard work and just wanted to wish her all the best with this new venture.

    With Christmas just around the corner perhaps you could find the perfect gift over on the store for someone you know. Even though shipping on the site is for UK and Ireland initially, will ship worldwide upon request.

  • Created a new logo for the website

    A good friend of mine recently setup a new website,, that discusses the connection that exists between urban public space and the life of urbanites through the lens of  geographical imagination, urban design, art  and urban  culture. My friend was looking for a simple logo to help jazz up his site a little. I created the image above using Adobe Fireworks and, thankfully, he was pretty chuffed with how it turned out and it's now live on his website :)

    I'd encourage anyone interested in public space imagery to head on over to his site. He has some beautiful imagery on the site and his articles go into great depth on the subject of public spaces.

  • How to transfer a domain away from

    I've used for a number of years but recently noticed that their pricing was not as good as some of the competition. I also had my domains "protected" by which meant that I was locked into paying an extra $8.99 per domain for the privilege of having my whois details hidden.

  • Top tips on how to be successful with your new website

    Over the last few months of this year we've seen a lot of new customers come to us who want their first website. The customers are always great to deal with as there is nothing more exciting that delivering a site to them and seeing their eyes light up when they see their vision become reality. However, one thing I see happen time and again with these customers is that they fail to realise that a website is something that requires constant love and attention. For this reason I'm putting together my list of top tips for people who might be in the same boat and who are looking for advice on how to keep their site relevant after 6 months of taking ownership of their new site.

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