• Fix for Windows 10 continuously rebooting on MacBook Pro Bootcamp

    Fix for Windows 10 continuously rebooting on MacBook Pro Bootcamp

    I currently use an Apple Macbook Pro 2016 for my day to day. It's starting to push on a bit in tech years but for doing web dev it's still more than ok. I have Windows 10 running on it using bootcamp which for the most part has been rock solid.

    Last week I ran into an issue where Windows would constantly reboot itself after a few minutes of use. Initially I thought the OS had gotten corrupt after it ran out of battery power while updating during the night. I foolishly forgot to plug in the power cable before going to bed and putting the machine to sleep rather than turned off.

    I tried to use the Windows Repair tool to rollback to an image from last week which I knew was stable but this was failing to run in time before Windows would reboot.

    Next, I decided to run a scandisk on the hard drive to see if that would solve my issue. Unfortunately it didn't cure anything so I started to think a full reinstall would have to be done.

  • Running Windows 8 Pro on Macbook Air (late 2010) [UPDATED]

    windows 8 running on macbook air

    [UPDATED 15 Mar 2013]

    Apple has finally released the trackpad drivers for Windows 8! It's not as straightforward as I was hoping as the BootCamp 5 install fails but it's quite easy to get it working manually. If you download the bootcamp drivers ( you might run into an issue where it tells you that "Only Windows 7 can be installed" on your macbook or "x64 installation is not supported". Luckily, all you have to do is run the driver called AppleMultiTouchTrackPadInstaller64.exe and it will update the trackpad drivers for Bootcamp 4 if you have that installed.

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